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  • 2023

    TFC Communication Overseas HQ founded in Singapore

    Construction of TFC Communication Thailand Industrial Park started

    Jiangxi TFC Technology Co.,Ltd Engineering Building Project Started

    Information System 3- Year Plan Launched for the Aim of Smart Factory

  • 2022

    TFC Thailand Subsidiary TFC Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd established

    TFC Thailand Factory Construction Planning Started

    IATF16949:2016 Quality Management System Certification Started

  • 2021

    Jiangxi TFC Technology Park Phase 1 120,000m² Put into Operation in April.2021

    BOX Packaging Line in MP

  • 2020

    Wholly-owned Acquisition of TFC Japan Co.,Ltd. in April, 2020, to get the ability in Nano-scale Tooling Design and Development of Lens Array Products

    Wholly-owned Acquisition of Auxora (Shenzhen) Inc. in June, 2020 to get the ability in High-end LWDM Coating Technology, TFF Micro-Optics Assemblies and DWDM Passive Devices (ODM)

    Private Placement of RMB 786 Million in March, 2020 for Investment in High Speed Optical Engine Development

  • 2019

    Strategic Upgrading to Focus on Advanced OMS(Optical Manufacturer Service) Platform

    Capital Increase in TFC USA to Vigorously Develop Overseas Market and Further Implement Key Account Marketing Strategy

    25G OSA in Mass Delivery, 25G TO-Can Packaging Product Line in Mass Production

    Quality and Capacity of New Product Lines Improving Stably: BOX Packaging,AWG, FA, PM Products Achieving Mass Production and Large-scale Delivery

    Cooperate with New Horizon Charity Foundation to Donate Books to Children in Rural Areas

  • 2018

    Launched Private Placement to Build 'High Speed Optical Devices' Project for 100G MUX/DEMUX Coupling, BOX Packaging OEM and Other Projects

    Accomplished ISO9001 2015 Revision Renewing Review in May and obtained the certificate

    FA multichannel and PM optical devices in Mass Production

    Fiber Array, Isolator and Other New Product Lines Passed Audits by Multiple Well-Known Customers At Home And Abroad And Were Transferred To Mass Production

    Strategic Cooperation with AIDI to Get AWG Wafer Resources; Acquire AIDI Zhuhai Product Business, Process and Equipment and Expand Production in TFC Jiangxi Factory

    100G TOSA&BOSA OEM Project Realized Mass Production

    Foundation Laying Ceremony Held for Jiangxi TFC Technology Park (300,000㎡ Construction Area)

    TFC COMMUNICATION USA INC. Established(under registration)


  • 2017

    TFC Obtained ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 Certification

    30,000 m2 Jiangxi TFC Scientific Industrial Park Planning and Construction Started

    Coating and Micro Optics Product Line Started Mass Production

  • 2016

    Jiangxi TFC Technology Co., Ltd Established

    TFC Shenzhen Branch Established,TFC Wuhan Branch Established

    Investment in Japan Tsuois Mold to start the layout in data center market

    Fiber Array, Isolator, Fiber and Cable Assembly Product Lines in Mass Production

  • 2015

    On Feb. 17, TFC successfully launched IPO on GEM. Stock Code: 300394

    TFC R&D Center in Suzhou Established

  • 2014

    TFC Was Recognized as Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center

    TFC Was Recognized as Jiangsu Province Engineering Technology Research Center

  • 2013

    TFC Obtained the Title of National Torch Key High-Tech Enterprise

    TFC Was Awarded as the Key Cultivating Enterprise of Jiangsu Innovative Capacity Building Scheme

  • 2012

    TFC Was Awarded as Quality Credit Grade A Enterprise in Jiangsu Province

    TFC Obtained Approval of National Sci-Tech Support Plan Project

  • 2011

    TFC Changed the Name to "Suzhou TFC Optical Communication Co.,Ltd."

    Injection Molding Line in mass production

    Jiangxi Gaoan TFC Industrial Park Was Established

  • 2010

    TFC Was Awarded as Private Scientific Enterprise in Jiangsu Province

  • 2009

    TFC Founders Acquired Honorary of “Pioneer of Sci-tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Suzhou High-tech District”

    TFC Was Awarded the Honorary of “National High-Tech Enterprise”

  • 2008

    Receptacle Line in mass production

    CNC Precision Metal Parts Line in mass production

  • 2006

    TFC Obtained Quality System Certification “ISO9001-2000”

    Optical Fiber Adaptor Line in mass production

  • 2005

    Suzhou TFC Precision Ceramic Co., LTD Was Founded

    Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve Line Was Established

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