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Social responsibility

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Social Responsibility

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Environmental/occupational health and safety policy

Abide by the relevant laws and regulations and control environmental factors and hazards to prevent all kinds of occupational injuries and environmental pollution.
We have established ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 EHS management systems to recognize all the possible environmental and security risks during operation of the company. Since then, three systems:ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 run simultaneously across the whole company, which marks that TFC is taking firmer step towards standardized and international management.

Honesty and governance

On the premise of the honesty management, we will always abide by business ethics, produce high quality product and undertake the responsibility of the public service for the society.

The sustainable development

We always adhere to the harmonious and balance development of environment, resources and company management.

The environmental protection

Protecting the global environment has been the important responsibility of TFC,
We respect the nature with green environmental production.
We will make efforts to reduce our impact on the air, water and soil by the following methods: · By the pollution prevention and reduction of poisonous and harmful chemicals to reduce the impact on the environment
· By the way of recycling and material substituting to reduce the waste in the process of production and packaging
· Set up and evaluate the goal indicators of environmental safety and health and make improvement continuously.
· By improving yield and quality, TFC could bring down the mutual quality cost for TFC and customers, and reduce the adverse effect to the environment.

public welfare

ctively participate in social publicwelfareactivities to serve the society

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