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Operation Strength

GEM Listed Company with converged resources, professional management team, sound system and global layout, ensuring business continuity.

Large-scale Manufacturing

Jiangxi Large-scale manufacturing bases; advanced ERP/MES/PLM system runs through the whole production process; flexible production line for mass production; Lean production and continuous improvement for cost-down.

R&D Innovation

8% annual revenue R&D investment, multiple R&D centers in Suzhou, Shenzhen, China and in Japan, industrial technical elites at home and abroad, professional optical, mechanical, test and automation teams.

Quality Assurance

Complete QAsystem and analysis & test equipment setup. Complete enterprise standards in accordance with international and industrial standards. Strong equipment process and engineering capability. Products are of good data discreteness, high uniformity and reliability.

Technical Leader

Multiple core technology platforms, hundreds of patents, profound experience in process. Product Line covers key passive and active components to provide multiple vertical integrated solutions for customers.

Customer Service

15 years'world leading customer supporting experience, keep participating in customers' early R&D and has profound understanding of where their pain point and demand lies, helping them to launch new products as early as possible.

About Us

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